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Arclogistics 9.3: Tele-Atlas US Data

Publisher: Tele-Atlas/ESRI
Formats: Shapefiles
Date: 2008
Coordinate System: GCS_WGS_1984
Datum: D_WGS_1984
Geometry Type: Point, Polyline, and Polygon
Prime Meridian: Greenwich
Angular Unit: Degree

Abstract: Layers for the United States. Individual shapefiles accessible through links below contain detailed statistics.

Permission Required to Use? None
Acknowledgement Required to Use?None Price for Use? None
Who Can Use Data? U of T Faculty, Staff, Students
Contact: gis.maps@utoronto.ca
Index of Folders (Compressed Zip. format) for ArcLogistics Route 3

Click on the File Type to Acess Shapefile:

Cities (3.1 mb)
City Limits (74.4mb)
Highwayexits (2.8mb)
Highwaysignage (7.7mb)
Institutions (8.4mb)
Interstate (39mb)
Major Cities (0.14mb)
Major Roads (57mb)
National Airports (5mb)
National Boundary (1.3mb)
Railroads (40mb)
US Counties (43mb)
US Highways (197.8mb)
US Parks (32mb)
Water features_alaska (8.7mb)
Water features_USwest (109.4mb)
Water features_UScentral (209.2mb)
Water features_USeast (247.5mb)


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