Welcome to PollyClave

Polyclaves are identification tools that have a wide variety of applications across, and beyond, the life sciences. These keys allow identification of a specimen from a pool of possibilities. Characateristics of the specimen are identified, eliminating other candidates in the pool, until a unique identification is made. PollyClave can be used as a web interface for any DELTA-format polyclave database.

The following databases are currently available if you want to try out PollyClave:

Twenty-one tree and vine leaves; a small teaching and demonstration database.
LPB seeds
Seed flora of La Perouse Bay, Manitoba, Canada: a DELTA database of morphological and ecological characters. E. R. Chang, T. A. Dickinson, and R. L. Jefferies. Can. J. Bot. 78: 481-496 (2000).
Carolinian Trees
Preliminary database for indentification of the 60 trees species present in the Carolinian region of Ontario, Canada.
Ontario Ericaceae
Preliminary database for indentification of the 11 Ontario genera of Ericaceae (heath family).
Phalaenopsis database Phalaenopsis species
Preliminary database for indentification of species (not hybrids) in the orchid genus Phalaenopsis.

You can also install PollyClave on your own system, for use with your own DELTA-format databases (which, of course, needn't be botanical). See the PollyClave Administrators' Manual for full information. See the Instructional Technology Projects PollyClave page for a description of how PollyClave was developed.

PollyClave is a venture of the University of Toronto Department of Botany, the University of Toronto Libraries, and the Royal Ontario Museum. All contents jointly copyright ©, 1996. To use the PollyClave program with your own data, please see PollyClave Administrators' Manual. We welcome your questions and feedback. Last updated October 10, 1996.